Baby Shower Gifts and Floatie Myths

Mermaid Secret #7

The Floatie Myth: Unleashed

Inside this blog:

  • My unbridled opinion about the 9 most common floaties: What ones are the best of the worst and what ones to avoid like the plague.

  • How to avoid your child being reliant on them.

  • Why life jackets are NOT “floaties.”

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Here are my “not favorite” floaties:

1)   WATER WINGS. The most insane of all because it teaches kids that they float from their arms!

2)   OTTEROO. I mean, if we don’t float from our arms we certainly don’t float from our neck. PLUS, this object teaches our children to swim vertically. (Not good, folks!)

3)  LEG FLOATS. Why are kids learning to swim with floats attached to their legs? Such an odd invention.

Here are some OTHER floaties:

1)   LIFEJACKET – a MUST for water safety issues. Don’t skimp on a life vest. (Which is NOT really a “floatie” - this is a life saving device that needs to be worn on boats etc…Why don’t I call them, “Floaties?” Would you ask your Uncle Bob to put on his “floatie” before water skiing? Nope! LOL)

2)   PUDDLE JUMPERS. Not my super favorite, but at least these keep the buoyancy center in the proper place!

3)  FLOATING DONUT TUBE THING. (Yes, that is the technical term. Or not. Photo below for clarity!) These can be dangerous because I’ve seen them flip over and the child get stuck under them. DANGER! DANGER! Don’t turn you back on these for a single moment. The only reason they are on this list is that I like these better than the other floaties because your child isn’t “swimming” in these. There’s no “learned” behavior that they need external assistance to hold them up. They are more in a boat!

“Floating Donut Tube Thing.”

4)      NOODLE. Once your kid can swim this is the ONLY floatie I recommend. Why? Three reasons.

  • NO ONE gets stuck under a noodle.

  • Your child isn’t attached to it.

  • They are soft, bendable, and oh, so fun!

5) BOOGIE BOARD. Fun for the ocean or lakes, DANGEROUS in pools. Why? Kids LOVE to jump from the side of the pool and land on these. What happens when the board slips out from under them and they are too close to the wall? Not cool, boogie board. Not cool.  

6)   KICK BOARDS. Good for technique classes and practicing kicks for different strokes.

If your child uses a floatie for fun and play, just make sure you practice WITHOUT the floatie EVERY time they swim. Remind them that if they take a deep breath the water will HOLD THEM UP. No floatie needed! (BUT only if they SWIM WITH A GROWNUP!)

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Pair A MERMAID’S GUIDE with “Mr. Sharky,” Sunscreen, Stickers, and other fun items! It makes a great baby shower, birthday or holiday gift!