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A Mermaid’s Guide


Released in May 2019 by RBL Publishing, a subsidiary of RBL, "A Mermaid’s Guide: Empower Your Child in Water and in Life” is the new must-have parenting book. The first of a series by RBL Founder and renowned swim instructor, Michelle Lang, “A Mermaid’s Guide” tackles the do’s and don’t’s of teaching your child how to swim while empowering them with valuable lessons that can be applied to also help them conquer life outside of the water.


“Michelle is brilliant. Since he was two years old, Eric has been swimming like a dolphin. And thanks to Michelle, he has confidence in the water and will probably win an Olympic gold medal one day.”

“Everywhere we go people notice what a fantastic swimmer North is. They just can’t believe someone so young can swim so well. While working with Michelle, it was a joy to see North become empowered by the water.”

“Our children have very different personalities. Michelle’s spiritual, modern approach worked beautifully and turned both of our kids into strong, confident swimmers.”

A Mermaid’s Guide

Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death 
 for kids ages 1-4, even over car accidents.

Parents put car seats in their vehicles, despite the sweating, moaning and grunting that it requires. And they study books about potty training and sleep training... but too few of them know how to introduce their child to the water. Imagine a summer where you aren’t plagued with anxiety about your toddler at a pool party, your kids playing in the ocean, or your teenager diving off a boat at his friend’s lake house. “A Mermaid’s Guide” will give you the security of knowing that your child is armored and safe in the water.  

After over 10,000 swim lessons all over the world, Michelle’s proven and highly sought-after Relaxation Based Swimming Method is now available to everyone. Detailing a simple, yet sophisticated, re-branding of how everyone should learn to swim, "A Mermaid’s Guide: Empower Your Child in Water and in Life” is on, at Barnes & Noble and in other bookstores everywhere.