Mermaid Secret #8

Goggles: The Good, The Bad, or the UGLY?

Googles. The new Gucci. (Just kidding. TYR YOUTH FOAM. ALMOST as fancy as Gucci.)

Googles. The new Gucci. (Just kidding. TYR YOUTH FOAM. ALMOST as fancy as Gucci.)

Inside this blog:

  • The TRUTH about goggles. Are they good? Or are they bad?

  • My favorite google brand

  • Why, if you have a salt water pool, you’ll want to read this blog. (Brace yourself.)

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Why is there such love or hate for these innocuous items?

There are two camps: Some who think goggles are GOOD and some who think teaching with googgles is BAD. But what’s the the truth?


  • If your child has taken 5-6 lessons are they STILL haven’t opened their eyes underwater. Try putting goggles on them so they get used to opening their eyes. Sometimes, being able to do it WITH goggles ON will relax them enough into trying to open them WITHOUT the goggles.

  • If your pool is a salt water pool. (UGH! I know, I know! Salt water pools are all the rage!) BUT salt water is really hard on the old eyeballs. Especially the day the pool guy/gal has come and “upped” the levels. If you have a salt water pool, don’t be shy about letting your child swim with goggles on.)

  • If you go to a hotel or public pool. Go ahead, protect your child’s eyes against high chlorine levels. (Note: if the pool you swim in has mild levels of chlorine or salt, I encourage you to teach your child WITHOUT goggles and add them on AFTER the child can swim.)

  • Once your child can swim, then use ‘em! As long as your child knows how to swim WITHOUT them, why not let them use goggles if they want? Goggles are fun! You can see better under the water and they come in cool colors. Plus, for kids with light colored eyes that are sensitive to sunlight, you can get them tinted to protect their little pupils.


  • When a child “CAN’T” swim without them. (If you use goggles with your child, be sure to have them practice WITHOUT them EVERY time they swim. That way, if they fall in they aren’t phased by not having on proper eye gear.)

  • When they are leaking and causing more of a distraction than a benefit. Get my FAVORITE goggles HERE. (TYR YOUTH FOAM GOGGLES ** NOTE: Don’t leave goggles in the sun. They will get skin cancer. Just kidding, but they WILL melt and get rurined.)

  • When siblings fight over them! (Don’t waste your money on those 25 dollar goggles with the sprinkles around the edges or the shark hologram eyes. I mean, fun and cute sure, but they tend to create more drama than they are worth! Just get simple, TRY Youth Foam Goggles and call it a day. OR get the fancy goggles AND the youth foam goggles. (I bet I know what ones you’ll end up using!)

VERDICT: Goggles aren’t good or bad. It’s all about how we USE the goggles.