The Deathly Pit People Play In

 Mermaid Secret #6

The Deathly Pit People Play In

You have a death pit around you. It’s at your club. It’s at the hotel. It’s even in your house disguised as your bathtub.

Inside this blog:

The 3 layers of protection you MUST have this summer.

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Water is amazing. But it’s also deadly.

Here are your 3 layers of protection:

1) Pool gates/covers/alarms

2) Adult Supervision

3) Water Education


1) Gates, Covers, and Alarms:

All of these are good. BUT they all have one thing in common: Human error. And also, in the case of the alarm, what I call “What happened to these batteries? Should they be GROWING white “mold” into the inside of this alarm system?”

Batteries die. Pool covers Jam. Pool gates get left open. Kids often CLIMB over gates.

 2) Adult Supervision:

Studies report 88% of drownings happen, “under adult supervision.” (Usually that of a family member.) Drowning is a silent killer, it happens in seconds. The time you get distracted helping one swimmer, the other could have a fatal or non-fatal drowning. (Non-fatal drownings can result in brain damage and other health issues. Commonly talked about as “DRY DROWNING. “ Read chapter 13 of A MERMAID’S GUIDE to get educated about fatal and non-fatal drownings and how to protect your child.

3) Water Education:

Teach your child The #1 MERMAID RULE in the POOL (We always swim with a grown up, we never swim alone.) CLICK HERE to read that blog post.


Teach your child how to swim to safety!

Jump, turn and swim back to the wall!

The second part of water education is teaching your child how to swim. If your child fell in a pool, and could turn and get themselves out, I guarantee you they have a MUCH HIGHER chance of survival than a child who DOESN’T know how to do this. Want to give your child life protecting skills? Get A MERMAID’S GUIDE today.  

What about floaties? I’ll do a blog post about what floaties are the best of the “worst” but the bottom line, for the time being is, your child is NEVER safe in the water. (Even with floaties on.)

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