What exactly is RBL?
We are a Lifestyle | Media company that creates content with peaceful abandon to help people live a more relaxed and fulfilled life. We bring calm to unexpected places: film production, swimming pools, and parenting. (Like when I’m cleaning out the diaper shards which have un-ceremoniously detonated inside our washing machine. Again.)

Do you produce other people’s films and tv shows?
Yes. We just produced season 1 of the TV show “Everyone is Doing Great” starring James Lafferty (One Tree Hill), Stephen Colletti (One Tree Hill) and Alexandra Park. (The Royals)

Michelle & Ian have worked with Academy Award Winner Octavia Spencer (The Help, Hidden Figures), Academy Award Nominee John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone, The Sessions), and Golden Globe Nominee Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction), among others. Their films have been distributed in theatrically and on Amazon Prime, Direct TV, and Netflix.

Ian and Michelle produce, write, and direct content. To find out more, transport yourself to IMDB and see a full list of what Michelle and Ian have been up to.

So, wait. You teach swimming AND make films?
Yes! We have been running a high end swim business the past fifteen years. We teach in the summer months and make independent film and TV in the winter months. Plus, we have two kids. See? You CAN have it all. (Just not all at once.)

Are your pickles gluten free?
This was a question left over from the Squarespace template. Yes. I think all pickles are gluten free. Right? Or not. I don’t know. Definite maybe.

Where can I buy A MERMAID’S GUIDE?
Click here to go to AMAZON.COM

Or buy it direct. (I, personally, love a good Amazon Santa delivery. But I’ll be happy to email you a digital copy if you read the KonMari method and are part of the copy book ban of 2019. OR, I can brave the post office lines and mail you a paperback book.)

Any other questions?
Other thoughts? Questions? Want us to come speak at your event? Need more information about film production? Want us to walk you dog? Visit the CONTACT page and send us a message.