The Salty Truth About Salt Water Pools

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The Salty Truth About Saltwater Pools

Sure, saltwater pools are all the rage. But are they “all that?”

Inside this blog:

  • Saltwater pool myths debunked.

  • 3 tips if you HAVE a saltwater pool.

  • What kind of pool is my FAVORITE to teach in.

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MYTH 1: Saltwater is easy on the skin.

I don’t know the science behind this, but if you have a tiny paper-cut or, heaven forbid your child has a skinned knee and attempts to go swimming, you’re in for it. It HURTS! Salt in the wound. (Literally.) And, even without any lacerations, if the salt levels are off it creates a very uncomfortable experience.

MYTH 2: Saltwater is easier on the eyes.

Sure, maybe it’s easier on the eyes than a SUPER chlorinated public pool, but I have to put kids in goggles about 60% of the time when I’m in PRIVATE saltwater pools and only about 5% of the time in PRIVATE chlorinated pools. If you still think your saltwater pool is easy on your kids’ eyes, think about the last time you swam in the ocean. (Hint: it stings!)

MYTH 3: Saltwater pools don’t have chemicals.

Saltwater pools have chlorine in them too. (And if you don’t think yours does, ask your pool person. And if you truly don’t have chlorine added to your saltwater pool tell me, because I would like to know what pool person you have and what system you have so I can amend this blog.)

MYTH 4: Saltwater pools are easier to maintain.

I don’t have a Ph.D. in pool filtration systems, but I have been in pools for over a decade, and my saltwater clients seem always to be having to replace parts of their pools. The tiles fall off because the saltwater eats away the grout, the pipes break more, and there’s far more drama all the way around.


1) Lick the water.

No really. Go for it.

Test the levels yourself. Simply stick your finger in, place your finger on your tongue, and taste the water! Does it taste like you just licked a brick of salt? If so, ask your pool person to check your levels. (Also, if your child’s eyes are red and swollen, that is not normal! You can ask your pool person to keep the levels at a range that doesn’t create pain or taste like a liquid tortilla chip.)

2) Let your pool air out.

If you have the heat on, the cover pulled over the top, and there’s sun beating down on your pool (even if it’s COLD-ISH outside) you are brewing a STRONG pool. Be sure to take the cover OFF a good 3-4 hours BEFORE you go for a dip or have your child take a lesson. (The cover keeps the vapor/chemicals/salt IN and makes for a salty experience.) So let your pool flap in the breeze!

3) Talk to you pool person.

If your pool person comes the day of your child’s swim lesson, see if you can change it if you notice your child’s eyes being red after swimming. (The levels will be at their highest the day the pool person comes. As the week goes on, the levels lower.)


I love a good, mildly chlorinated pool. (NOTE: Public pools have higher levels for a reason and believe me, we all WANT the potential yuckiness taken care of by the chlorine. But a private pool can be milder.)

I also like a good mild salt pool. I’ve had clients who have salt pools that are SO well maintained that I can barely tell they are salt. Those pools are great too. (NOTE: Your levels all depends on your pool man/woman. So get yourself one who doesn’t want to nuke your pool with all the salt in the Arabian sea!

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