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  1. Why teaching your child to blow mouth bubbles is giving your child a BAD WATER HABIT.

  2. 3 easy things to tell them instead.

  3. How to end the mouth bubble epidemic.

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    (Man, those water puns never get old.)

  1. No more bubbles!

    Why do you float? BECAUSE you have AIR inside of you. So, when you blow out all of your air, what happens? You SINK! When you tell your child to blow out all their bubbles from their mouth, they only have about 3 seconds to pop up for another breath. That is okay, right? Wrong! Your child, when first learning to swim, can’t take breaths yet! And they CAN’T get to safety in 3 seconds. They MUST learn how to hold their breath and swim BEFORE they can learn how to pop up for breaths. (For more information on WHY read chapter 6 of A Mermaid’s Guide!)

  2. 3 easy things to teach your child instead.

    • PUFFERFISH. (See Blog #1, #2, AND #3 for more info.)

    • HUMMMMM. Have your child HUMMM under the water if they are getting water up their nose. (See photo of Evie below demonstrating!)

    • BALLOON BODY. Tell your child their body is like a balloon! If they take a deep breath, the water will HOLD THEM UP. They need the bubbles inside them to FLOAT!

      ** NOTE: Read page 74 of A MERMAID’S GUIDE for 4 essential scoop signs. (What are scoop signs? They are signs that you need to know so you can scoop your child up if they need help. Since they can’t talk under water, these four scoop signs are keys to when your child needs help!)

Nose bubbles! Do you see the small bubbles at the base of Evie’s nose? She’s demonstrating PERFECT breath modulation.

Nose bubbles! Do you see the small bubbles at the base of Evie’s nose? She’s demonstrating PERFECT breath modulation.


Simply pass this blog along to one or two friends who have kids so THEIR kids can learn to swim in a safe and empowering way. Even if you tell ONE other parent about why mouth bubble blowing is giving their child a bad water habit THAT CHILD will be SAVED from the scary feeling of SINKING when trying to learn how to swim. (From teaching over 10,000 lessons I can guarantee you it’s horrible to watch kids blow out mouth bubbles and not be able to pop up for another breath.) So help your child and help ANOTHER child! Remind them their body is like a BALLOON and they need air inside of them to float. If they get water up their nose have them HUMMMMMM out of their nose instead of blowing those pesky mouth bubbles.


(See, I told you the water puns never get old.)

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